3 x ready made Mimicker lead core leaders. 70cm.

3 x ready made Mimicker lead core leaders. 70cm.
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Rig shy fish?

Problem solved!

It is a known fact that the larger specimen carp do become rig-shy and this is due to years of being trapped by all manner of rigs.

The MIMICKER is the perfect answer to "rig-shy" fish and by using the stealth approach you will give yourself the best chance of fooling the big girls.

A weed effect looped leadcore leader at 70cm long

Tried and tested to above 45lb+ BS.

Why not combine with our MIMICKER braid version for the ultimate in the stealth approach.




The CORE version of the Mimicker will take some beating and when combined with the BRAID version we think you will have the the ultimate in rig concealment.

*Spliced loops at both ends.

*70cm in length.

*3 pack.

*45lb break.



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