Carp Barbel Trap Feeder 50g weight fitted

Carp Barbel Trap Feeder 50g weight fitted
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Becoming increasingly popular among Carp and Barbel anglers the Trap Feeder is second to none when it comes to performance and bait delivery.

With interchangeable weights and a very low profile this feeder really does "pin"to the River/Lake releasing your free offering bang there with your hook bait .

The feeder can be fished in-line or paternoster style and when fished in-line the feeder actually locks out when you are into a fish which effectively puts the brakes the feeder reducing the chance of bumping fish or damaging rig knots.

Like all our feeders the Trap Feeder is manufactured solely in Britain and the quality of the plastic used in that manufacture is second to none which means that this feeder is durable to the point that it is virtually unbreakable.

The fact that weight can be added to the feeder means that purchasing extra leads will allow you to access heavier weights without having to buy a heavier loaded feeder.



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