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The "Castaway", 

The new Castaway is another British manufactured product; originally created to help with casting it became apparent that it too had a multi-use factor. 
The Castaway is a fantastic piece of kit to be used as an aid for casting and landing fish... it acts as a lever that fits behind the reel or on the landing net pole, designed to take the strain from the forearm and shoulder when in the action of casting and landing, the ergonomic design means that it fits snugly to the forearm and relives the pressure and strain on the wrist arm and shoulder and it is set to be a massive hit with the disabled and less able among us and not to forget the Carp Anglers who have fish on for 20 minutes and even longer. Brilliant for wreck fishermen out at sea while "ripping" for Cod and Ling and if you have ever tried ripping you will know how tiring that form of fishing is.

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