MozzyHooks Chod (Pack of 10)

MozzyHooks Chod (Pack of 10)
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MozzyHooks Chod (Pack of 10)


Our hooks are not cheap so please don't let the price tag fool you,our hooks actually cost what a pack of hooks should cost.
Teflon coated and sharper than the sharpest and stronger than the strongest at less than half the cost of the overmarketed "brands".
We don't pay "celebs" to spin wonderful yarns about our products, we are open and honest and we have nothing to gain by offering substandard kit.... so if like me you are tired of paying through the nose for tackle that should cost half of what it does then please give these hooks a shot because we think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Tried and tested like all our products, these hooks have already accounted for some substantial sized fish.



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