A-JUST-A-FLOAT Set of 3 with a 4th XL free.

A-JUST-A-FLOAT Set of 3 with a 4th XL free.
A-JUST-A-FLOAT Set of 3 with a 4th XL free. A-JUST-A-FLOAT Set of 3 with a 4th XL free.
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Another UK first at Mosquito Angling.


The float is unique in that it has a flexi-tube running right through it's middle allowing for free running or a simple lift and twist of the end plug will allow you to lock in place if your quarry is taking it off the surface.

Lifting the end plug will also allow you to fill with water,this inturn will add weight and ballast which will increase the casting distance and stability.(it casts like a bullet and is fantastic for getting lighter baits such as bread flake out further or to feature margins out in the water)

Night /Dusk use?

Another feature of the A-JUST-A  is night/dusk use and by lifting the end plug it opens up the float to allow you to insert a luminous snap light/isotope illuminating the float for ease of use in low light,this is especially advantageous because we all know that the takes become far more confident when the light fades. (see pics for how to do this)

At present the float comes in Clear and Trans-green and is made using a vey robust plastic which we feel gives better value for your money than existing market products.

All in all we have brought you a multi-dimensional float that is ideal for...

*Adjustable zigging

*Surface fishing

*Dry fly fishing

*Perch/Predator fishing

*Night/Dusk fishing

Please do give this a go because we know you wont be disappointed.

Three sizes available 1 x large 1 x medium and 1 x small + a free XL 

Mini for use near margin

Medium 3/16 oz empty 

Large 1/4oz empty

xl 3/8oz empty

Add water,adds weight, adds distance.


Buy in complete confidence .

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