The Speedyfeeder really is the daddy when it comes to feeders. With its unique docking system it is ready to take the fishing public by storm.

Designed initially to simplify the change of feeder types without having to strip your rigs down, mess around with swivels or even purchase extra rods with different feeder rigs made up. It quickly became apparent that the Speedyfeeder was something very special indeed.
Available as inline and elastic without having to buy separate feeders. Sizes come in 15g, 25g and 50g with an option to add or remove weights at any time.
Pleasure anglers, pole anglers, match men, specimen hunters and carp addicts will love this piece of kit! Suitable for use on all waters and conforming to most fishery rules it's a must for every tackle box.
Fully interchangeable with a multitude of applications and with one click the Speedyfeeder allows access to all types of feeder fishing, it also has an elastic strap system which serves as a bagging lead  for use with PVA bags and is fantastic on it's own as a bolt rig and what a tool for pole anglers!
The first feeder to be released to accompany the unique docking system will be the new and improved method and in due course a full range of feeders will be released to accompany this exciting system!
The Speedyfeeder is made with the best and most suitable materials available, namely super tough nylon making it more durable than most feeders on the market. It has higher cross bars to allow more feed delivery to your swim and has a unique feature of flexible cross bars to allow the use of bigger hook bait.
At present we are developing a full range of feeders to compliment our unique docking system which will enable every type of feeder fishing to be done from this one interchangeable system .
As with all our feeders, the system allows the pre-baiting of feeders which in turn gets you back in the water quicker which is critical in some situations especially if you happen upon a roving shoal of bream!
The Speedyfeeder is compatible with many popular bait moulds already on the market.
Other special features that the Speedyfeeder has, include its great casting. This system really does fly. With weight forward it is very acurate under casting. When retrieving the system it actually aquaplanes on the surface of the water which avoids potential snags and fish disturbance. Try it and you'll see!
The width of the Speedyfeeder means that the feeder does not sink as far as ordinary feeders when fishing venues where the lake/river bed is silty.
Rapid interchange of feeders means you can pre-load any number of feeders ready to re-cast to your swim this saves time which is crucial in match situations or if you happen upon a shoal.
Over the coming 12 months we aim to make additions to the dock system, which will include cage/open/and, closed feeders along with number of other ideas that are currently in development each to fit this fantastic piece of kit with the simplicity of one click.

Introducing the new multi-functional Speedyfeeder the one click does it all inline feeder system.

Classic design, one feeder does it all without any strip downs!

Pre-load and change method feeder with the click of a button!

Inline or elastic on the one system(no need to purchase separate feeders)!

Can be used to strap on PVA bags!

Double sided fitting to use as a "true method feeder"!

Cross bars spread to accommodate larger baits then revert to allow more bait if required.

Or just use in the margins as a bolt rig!

A multitude of uses all in one docking system.

More attachments to be released in due course including pellet/banjo/open/maggot and cage. Simplifies feeder fishing and is suitable for all standards from beginners to the serious Carp addict .


How to fit the docking system to main line

Thread line through back of the eye!

Push baiting needle through body of the feeder.

Hook line on baiting needle and pull through

Then attach to swivel or quick change bead.

Repeat the above steps for the elastic version but tie elastic to the anchor point at base of neck then tie your main line via swivel or directly to the eye at top of neck.

Lead Weight Fitting

Place a small amount of super-tac around the perimeter of the base of feeder

Firmly press the lead in place,the lead is now sat snugly in position.

The lead will not loosen unless purposely done so using a knife or narrow object to ease apart.


Repeat the method to add or interchange the weights.

The Speedyfeeder is PATENT PENDING and REGISTERED DESIGN GRANTED and any further improvements or new feeders to the system will also have protection applied for.
Thanks for your interest and we at Mosquito hope that you too will see the advantages that our  Speedyfeeder has over traditional feeder systems, what more you are buying British using British manufacturers.


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